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    Globe Valve, the application is very extensive. The main structure of Figure (a) shows. Valve body is a Z-shaped Vacation, spool (set) to cover the hole on the valve seat so in two different parts of the fluid pressure sealed off by changing the distance between the two can regulate fluid flow and achieve diversion effect.
API Cast Steel Globe Valve-bs1873-rf-rtj-150lb-1500lb
Butt Weld Globe Valve (BW Ends)
high Pressure Sealing Globe Valve-bw-rtj-psb-bonnet
Cryogenic Globe Valve (Extended bonnet &stem

Cast Steel Globe Valve 2"~24" 150LB~1500LB

Butt Weld Globe Valve (BW Ends)

Pressure Seal Globe Valve (PSB Bonnet)

Cryogenic Globe Valve (Extended bonnet)

bs1873-Flanged End Globe Valve150Lb~1500Lb
Duplex stainless steel / Special Alloy Globe Valves
Bronze Globe Valve - C95800/C95500/B62
Globe Check Valve - SDNR Stop Check Valve

BS1873 Globe valve

Duplex stainless steel / Special Alloy Globe Valves

Bronze Globe Valve - C95800/C95500/B62

Globe Check Valve - SDNR Stop Check Valve

JIS Globe Valve
EN / DIN Globe Valve-din3356
EN / DIN Angle Globe Valve / Angle Stop Valve
Y-Pattern Globe Valve

JIS Globe Valve(10K 20K 40K)

EN / DIN Globe Valve /DIN Stop Valve

EN / DIN Angle Globe Valve / Angle Stop Valve

EN /DIN Bellows seated Globe valve

JIS Globe Valve
Bellow Sealed Globe Valve
Flanged End Globe Valve150Lb~1500Lb
Flanged End Pressure Seal Globe Valve

Y-Type Globe Valves

Bellow Sealed Globe Valve

Forged Globe Valve RF RTJ Flange 150Lb~1500Lb

Flanged Pressure Seal Globe Valve(RF RTJ)

Main parameter of the Globe valve

Class 150LB-2500LB SIZE 1/2"~24"
DN15-DN600, PN16~PN420
DN15-DN400 10K~40K
DN15 -DN300, PN16~PN420
Design & Manufacture Std
BS1873,ASME B16.34,EN3356/EN13709,BS5156, API602/ISO15761/BS5352,GB/T12235,JIS B2071,JIS B2072,JIS B2081,JIS B2082
Face to Face Std
ASME B16.10,EN558-1, DIN3202,BS2080, API 6D, JIS B2002,GOST3706,
End Connection Std
ASME B16.5,ASME B16.11,ASME B1.20.1,ASME B16.25, EN1092-1, DIN2501,DIN2543-2550 ,JISB2212-JISB2214,JIS2220 (Connection type: RF,FF,RTJ,BW,SW,NPT,)
Test Standard
API598,API 6D,JISB2003,ISO5208,BS 6755, DIN3230,EN12266-1
Operated Type
Handwheel,Bevel Gear ,Pneumatic,Electric, Bare stem with ISO5210 top mounting pad
Carbon Steel: A216 WCB,WCC, WC1,ASTM A105
Stainless Steel: A351 F8(F304),CF8M(F316),CF3(F304L),CF3M(F316L),CF8C(F347),F321,F321H,CK20
Alloy Steel:Monel 400, Monel K500, alloy20,904L,CN7M, Inconel, Hastelloy® B&C, Titanium alloy
Duplex Stainless Steel:A351 CN7M(B473), CD4MCu(F50),CK3MCuN(F44),CG8M, A890-1A,4A,5A,6A, A182 F44,F50,F51,F53,F310 Low temperature steel:A352 LCB,LCC,LCA,LC3,A350 LF2,LF3
High temperature steel:A217 WC6,WC9,WC5,WC11,C5,C12,C12A,A182 F22,F11 ,F5,F9,
Bronze, Nickel aluminum bronze(NAB),Gunmetal: B148 C95500,C95800,C95400,C83600, C92200,ASTM B62, B61, B150 C63200 ,
DIN Material:GS-C25/1.0619 1.4408, 1.4308, C22.8
Globe valve catalogue
Globe valves catalogue (3.0Mb)
DIN Globe valves Catalogue
Special Globe Valves
Except for common globe valves, we also produce cryogenic globe valves, bellow sealed globe valve, Jacketed globe valves, Angle globe valve, Y type globe valves, Globe Check Valve ( SDNR Stop Check Valve) , regulating globe valves etc. .

SEDELON Globe Valves Design

Our cast globe valve are designed and manufactured to provide maximum service life and dependability.All globe valves are full ported and meet the design requirements of American Petroleum Institute Standard API 600 & API 6D,BS EN 13709 and generally conform to American Society of Mechanical Engineers standard ASME B16.34.Valves are available in a complete range of body/bonnet materials and trims.

Body-Bonnet Connection design

The body and bonnet of Class 150 to Class 900 valves are usually with studs and nuts (blots bonnet BB). And the body and bonnet of Class 1500 to Class 2500 valves are usually of pressure seal bonnet (PSB)design.

Body-Bonnet Gasket

Stainless steel + flexible graphite wounded gasket is used for Class150 and Class 300 globe valve. Stainless steel + flexible graphite wounded gasket is used for Class 600, and ring type joint gasket is optional. Ring joint gasket is used for Class 900 globe valve. Pressure seal design is used for Class 1500 to Class 2500 globe valve.

Seat design

Welded-on seat is used for NPS ≥ 12 carbon steel globe valves. For stainless steel globe valve, integral seat is usually adopted, or hard alloy welding directly integrally. Threaded-in or welded on seat is optional for stainless steel globe valves.

For carbon steel globe valve, the seat material is usually forged steel. The sealing surface of the seat is overlay welded with hard alloy specified by customer. Renewable threaded-in seat is applied for globe valve NPS≤10, and welded-on seat is optional.

Stem design

The stem is of one-piece forged steel with back seal design. The minimum diameter of the stem shall be as per the standard requirements.

Back Seat design

All our globe valves have the back seating design. In most cases, the carbon steel globe valve is fitted with a renewable back seat.For stainless steel globe valve, the back seat is machined directly in the bonnet or machined after welding. When the globe valve is in fully open position, the sealing of the back seat can be very reliable. However, as per the requirement of design standards, it is not advisable to add or change packing by the mean of back seating when the valve is under line pressure.

Packing Seal design

Molded flexible graphite is used for packing material. PTFE or combined packing material can be applied if required.The internal surface of the stuffing box, of which area is contacted with the packing, is of excellent finished (Ra 3.2μm). The stem surface, contacting with the packing, should be rolled and pressed after being precisely machined, so as to reach high finish and compactness (Ra 0.8μm) and ensure the reliable tightness of the stem area.

Belleville Spring Loaded Packing

If required, Belleville spring loaded packing can be applied to enhance the durability and reliability of the packing seal.

Stem Nut design

Usually, the stem nut is made of copper alloy. It can be made of ASTM A439 D2 if required. For large sized globe valve, rolling bearing is fitted at the two sides of stem nut in order to minimize the open and close torque of the globe valve.

Operation type

Hand wheel and gearbox operation are applied for globe valve. Chain wheel and electric is available if required.

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